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Björk – Vulnicura

Björk’s Vulnicura is an incredibly sonically rich album that fuses her unique vocals with
experimental sounds. And with our 24-bit/96kHz downloads, every nuance of this amazing
work is revealed whether you choose the original studio recording or live version.

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Complete heartbreak

Vulnicura is an intensely personal album that charts the breakdown of a relationship. In many
ways it’s the flipside to Vespertine, mirroring that album’s breathless celebration of new love
with one of slow decay. It’s one of Björk’s finest albums yet.

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Vulnicura was written, produced and recorded in collaboration with producer Arca and
musician The Haxan Cloak, who said: “Working on this record was a real honour. Björk gave
me so much freedom to experiment and really allowed me to follow my gut instincts about
where the songs could go sonically, which was extremely liberating.”

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Live versus

Vulnicura, regarded by many as Björk’s best
album in a decade, is now available in an
amazing live version that also features new
interpretations of songs including Come To Me,
Undo and I See Who You Are. Live or studio,
the choice is yours, and with our 24-bit/96kHz
downloads either sounds amazing.

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Björk Digital

Vulnicura is more than a stand alone album, it also
forms the central pillar around which the incredible
Bjork digital touring exhibition is built. Cutting edge
Virtual Reality experiences use Bowers & Wilkins
high-end loudspeakers and headphones to deliver
pristine sound to bring the audience closer to
Björk’s creativity.

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