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Music brings people closer together; it is a compelling symbol of expression which emotes and elevates. But in order to feel every nuance, from rich bass to crystalline treble, you need exceptional, unblemished sound quality. At Bowers & Wilkins, we will never tire from bringing our exacting audio standards to everyone. That is why Sound System makes our dream a reality.



Each Sound System stack has four rock solid, fully braced low frequency enclosures as the foundation, four mid/high frequency enclosures each incorporating two mid/bass units, a Continuum™ midrange driver like the ones present in our flagship 800 Series Diamond speaker range as well as four Nautilus tube-loaded high frequency drivers. The result? Unprecedented sound quality and impact.

“It’s phenomenal the effect it can have on people”
JG Wilkes, Optimo.

Primavera Sound 2017


Sun. Smiles. Sound System.


What is next?

Possibly the world’s most eclectic festival, the global gathering that is WOMAD will once again be welcoming back Sound System. Expect a highly curated line up of sound pioneers, DJs, listening events and live acts.


Sound System

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